Bus Parking 3D

Bus Parking 3D 1.7.7

Experience the thrill of parking a bus


  • Realistic physics and motion
  • Lots of levels
  • Several bus types to choose from
  • Addictive gameplay


  • Very difficult
  • Sub-par graphics and sounds


Bus Parking 3D puts you in the driving seat of a bus, which you need to park in a series of increasingly difficult challenges.

If you thought parking a car was tricky then wait until you try guiding a bus into a tight parking spot. That's what happens in Bus Parking 3D, in which you use an on-screen steering wheel, brake and accelerator to guide your long vehicle into a small space.

There's plenty of parking action to be had in Bus Parking 3D, with lots of levels and several different buses to choose from. While the gameplay is gentile compared to most Android driving games it is surprisingly captivating and you'll find yourself getting ambitions to become a bus driver in real life.

The life of Bus Parking 3D is extended by its difficulty, and it quickly becomes frustratingly difficult to complete the missions, since one tiny knock into a barrier will cause you to have to restart a level.
The driving physics and vehicle motion of Bus Parking 3D are very well realized and you really get the sensation that you're in control of a bus. However, the graphics themselves aren't particularly detailed and the sound effects are minimal.

Be warned that some people have reported spyware being contained within Bus Parking 3D, although the developer assures us that this isn't the case and we weren't able to detect anything other than the ads served through the game.

Bus Parking 3D is a challenging and gripping bus driving simulation, though it's difficulty will start to irritate you after a while!

Bus Parking 3D


Bus Parking 3D 1.7.7

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